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Binary releases

Ready-to-use JAR files which have been signed with our code signing key so that they work with the standalone JCE 1.2.1 and newer as well as the JCE supplied with Java 1.4 and newer. Please note that you need to download the FhG ASN.1 codec package as well to get most of the provider packages working.

In order to use the FlexiProvider algorithms with large key sizes, it is also necessary to replace the standard jurisdiction policy files shipped with the SUN JREs by the unlimited strength version of these files. For Java version 5, they can be found at in the "Other Downloads" section. You have to replace the files local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar by the obtained files. They can be found in the <JRE home>/lib/security/ directory.

The latest version number of all FlexiProvider packages is 1.7p7.

NameSizeSHA1 fingerprint
FlexiCoreProvider package 786K (stdin)= f8:e2:2d:7b:f8:a6:8f:49:9b:69:e3:25:4d:d3:08:30:0e:de:e1:94
FlexiECProvider package (requires FlexiCoreProvider package) 408K (stdin)= 7f:ae:64:c5:3c:98:50:0a:fa:68:8a:b1:1a:57:1b:34:da:09:36:3c
FlexiNFProvider package (requires FlexiCoreProvider package) 335K (stdin)= a0:d2:6d:16:ae:b1:be:30:51:33:8a:a4:d8:cc:86:e6:70:8a:ec:4d
FlexiPQCProvider package (requires FlexiCoreProvider package) 669K (stdin)= 28:7a:90:67:0a:40:91:5c:4c:c9:ba:7f:b2:31:0d:07:4a:b8:01:a4
FlexiProvider package (contains all of the above packages) 1.4M (stdin)= 2b:c0:2f:4b:57:81:80:ea:88:ce:53:59:f9:27:2b:cb:aa:21:d2:e3
SourceForge ASN.1 CoDec (required, third party)* 256K (stdin)= 9c:0e:a3:7d:88:79:db:1a:cf:90:73:1f:74:5a:9e:18:cf:4e:42:03
SourceForge ASN.1 CoDec (patch for PKCS#12) (required, third party)** 256K (stdin)= 47:60:1f:27:9f:7c:6b:f1:95:13:e9:26:8c:a5:b9:60:70:92:50:ef
FhG JCE 1.2.2 cleanroom implementation (optional, third party)*** 27K (stdin)= 2b:90:69:32:94:ad:c6:8e:23:2e:79:a7:50:ea:73:91:5e:62:1b:71

*Since January 2nd, 2008, the FlexiProvider uses the SourceForge ASN.1 CoDec. This library is an advancement of the FhG-CoDec used before. The current version of the CoDec is "build17-jdk13".

**Since version 1.6p6 of the FlexiProvider you need this version of CoDec for creating proper PKCS#12 files.

***The current version of the JCE cleanroom implementation is "FP-1.0.4". This version is a fork of version 1.0.1 developed by FhG. Currently, there is no opportunity to download the FhG-JCE as a standalone package, so we forked the development. We are aiming at merging the different versions in the near future.

Source code

For people who want to roll their own versions of the FlexiProvider, tinker with it, or audit the code base. Not to forget the curious-minded who simply want to browse the source code for fun.

NameSizeSHA1 fingerprint
FlexiProvider source code 1.0M (stdin)= eb:c9:6e:d1:e6:41:6c:aa:0c:07:78:f0:37:81:cb:bb:a2:f9:67:d7
SourceForge ASN.1 CoDec source code 464K (stdin)= 54:1b:49:ce:e7:a0:7f:0b:53:48:0d:21:44:71:ae:ed:f4:f0:f5:01
FhG JCE 1.2.2 cleanroom implementation source code 39K (stdin)= 11:63:16:93:ee:9e:f1:47:c6:95:d0:e7:4b:19:c8:dd:54:28:39:6e

Previous versions

For downloading previous releases having major version numbers 1.4 and newer, please follow this link. For downloading older releases, please see here. Please note that we do not give support for any of these releases any longer.

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