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FlexiProvider API:

The Javadoc generated API documentation can either be viewed online or download a ZIP archive for local browsing.

CoDec API:

The SourceForge ASN.1 CoDec API documentation can either be downloaded as a ZIP archive or browsed online instead.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I install a FlexiProvider package?

A: You have two options here. Let's assume you want to register the FlexiCoreProvider. You may either install the package statically by adding a line to the configuration file:


In this case, n is used to indicate the preference of the FlexiCoreProvider over other registered providers. The lower the number, the higher the preference.

The second option is to dynamically register the provider at runtime. Include the following line at the beginning of your program:

Security.addProvider(new de.flexiprovider.core.FlexiCoreProvider());

The other providers (FlexiECProvider, FlexiNFProvider) are installed in the same fashion. You also have to make sure that the FlexiProvider package, the FhG codec package – and for JDK versions < 1.4 the JCE package – are included in your classpath.

Q: Do the FlexiProvider packages work with Java versions prior to 1.4?

A: Yes, they do. However, you need to provide a standalone JCE implementation in the classpath since Sun did not bundle their own JCE with Java versions prior to 1.4. To this end, you can either use the standalone JCE provided by Sun (version 1.2.2 is recommended), or the standalone JCE cleanroom implementation provided in the download section.

Q: How do I build custom FlexiProvider packages and documentation from the source distribution?

A: For building the FlexiProvider packages we employ ANT, a Java based build tool developed by the Apache Software Foundation (formerly developed by the Jakarta project). If you want to build the FlexiProvider from source that way as well, you should use at least ANT version 1.4 (FlexiProvider 1.5.1 is built with ANT 1.7.0). Previous versions might work as well but have not been tested by us. To get an idea of what targets are available, simply call ant -projecthelp in the root directory of your FlexiProvider source distribution.

Q: What's with the licensing conditions? You use both the GPL and the LGPL license and at the same time offer "individual licensing terms".

A: The FlexiProvider is provided for free, and we have no problem with the FlexiCoreProvider being used in a closed-source commercial project. Thus, the FlexiCoreProvider is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), which allows anybody to use our code in a larger work without providing source for this larger work.
But we feel that certain parts of the FlexiProvider are worth to be protected by a license stronger than the LGPL. Thus, we chose to license the EC, NF, and PQC Provider packages under the GNU Public License. So people employing these packages have to either open their source code as well or step forward and talk with us about licensing conditions that will allow them to keep their source closed and make us happy at the same time.

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